Advancing Research. Saving lives. Providing Financial Assistance
The Skull Base Foundation (SBF) is a non profit 501(c)3 dedicated to advancing research and saving the lives of children and adults with skull base tumors through innovative, minimally invasive surgical techniques that afford faster recovery time; increasing quality of life for patients and their families.

Each year more than 200,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. Brain tumors have no socio-economic boundaries and do not discriminate among gender, age, or ethnicity.

The Founding Principles of the Skull Base Foundation are as follows:
  • Support for Innovative Research
    Continually developing and funding new research in minimally invasive endoscopy to reach delicate areas of the brain. Current techniques being utilized for pituitary tumors and other cranial disorders are a direct result of over 10 years of research conducted by the Skull Base Institute
  • Educational Advancement
    Hosting multi-disciplinary conferences and seminars to promote the exchange of cutting edge concepts that further enhance the field of minimally invasive skull base and brain surgery
  • Reducing Economic Burden
    The Skull Base Foundation is committed to providing surgical solutions that transcend socio-economic barriers world wide and helps defray expense for underprivileged individuals who require skull base surgery
The Skull Base Foundation was started in 2004 by Hrayr Shahinian, M.D., who has exclusively devoted the last fifteen years of his practice to demystifying the art and science of Skull Base Surgery, by pioneering new ways to approach the brain and leaving behind the traditional practice of the antiquated craniotomy. Since the inception of his practice, Dr. Shahinian has worked diligently to never turn down saving the life of a patient, due to finances. As more people with tumors previously diagnosed as inoperable have found their way to Dr. Shahinian, he has encountered many patients with skull base tumors that could simply not afford the high cost of brain surgery. Inspired by David, a nine year old tumor survivor whose family was previously left with a death sentence as their only option, Dr. Shahinian started the Skull Base Foundation to help provide solutions for advancing research and helping economically disadvantaged individuals to have surgery.

Support the Skull Base Foundation
To date, Dr. Shahinian and his team of colleagues have removed more than three thousand brain and skull base tumors using advanced, fully endoscopic, minimally invasive techniques. By becoming a donor of the Skull Base Foundation you will help advance desperately needed research and save the lives of children and adults with life threatening brain tumors, who without your support, would not be able to afford the high cost of surgery. Partner with the Skull Base Foundation and help transform brain surgery one minimally invasive procedure at a time.

For more information, please contact the Skull Base Institute at (866) 918-5544 or email us at To make a contribution, please click the orange DONATE NOW button on the right side of the page.